To find a form that accommodates the mess, that is the task of the artist now. - Samuel Beckett

Art that grows from the interactions of two people collaborating together arises from an alternate logic. For one thing, the work almost, always, starts out as a conversation between two of us. So the focus around making art is not about producing an object, per se, but more about relationships, engagement, language, and meaning.

Language and meaning demand clarity, especially when it comes to articulating intention. That’s why we’re driven to create work that’s focused on the present and makes use of the technologies of our time. Our goal is to test the impact of art on social and political systems. We believe that the impact of politics cannot be divorced from culture or art, any more than the impact of culture can be divorced from politics.

To communicate, to provoke conversation, to engage the public - this is the arena we ask you to join us in.