Weaving Light - Now Available from Blurb

Weaving Light - The Tapestry In The Digital Age chronicles the design, building and testing of 50 Different Minds, the first fiber optic tapestry made by Ligorano/Reese. This 40 page photo book documents the process and materials used during a span of 3 years, taking place in artist residencies at Montalvo Arts Center and Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology.

“Ultimately, the piece visually describes language, perpetuating the ancient tradition of textiles as text. Before written communication, the semiotic patterns and colors of textiles provided pivotal information about culture and social beliefs. In 50 Different Minds, Ligorano/Reese invert this idea by converting the actual words of a twenty-first-century phenomenon, Twitter, into textile designs.” - Susan Taber Avila, Fiber Arts magazine

Weaving Light by Ligorano/Reese