Video Art

If you lived here, you’d be home by now, video by Ligorano/Reese

We make videos as single channel works and as part of installations. We made our first video together in 1982 in Barcelona, Spain.

Throughout the eighties, producing videos were a significant activity for us in a variety of genres: as video art, as elements in performances and installations, and as documentaries. New York at that time and through the early nineties had an incredibly supportive community of filmmakers. It was a rich environment in terms of availability to services and access.

Like many artists at that time we took advantage of the programs that were available then. We started to edit our work in broadcast facilities, through the Standby Program, making use of sophisticated equipment and editing techniques. (We still maintain a close relationship with Standby.)

Technology allows us today to edit much of our work on our own computers. Many of our videos now are edited and output directly from the studio.