Morning In America

Speech: Bernie Sanders; Music: Michael Galasso

Morning In America is the third ice sculpture/installation we’ve made. We like to work with this medium, because of the way the sculptures change over time. They have a strange sense of finality about them, as well as their theatrical/performative aspect. They disintegrate, and in the process distort time and space and create a third place.

A communal, social space. They’re accessible, people can actually approach them, almost enter them; and in fact, touch them. There is the need to connect with something tactile.

These sculptures’ strong, beautiful and physical presence are extremely ephemeral, elusive, even, fragile. Within hours, they totally disappear. Leaving the artifacts of the performance of the sculpture. Frozen moments or video remain. They transit through networks, enlarging the space - becoming social sculpture, expansive, exploring ideas, ideals in flux.

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… A THOUSAND CUTS Video is Viral

The video has gone viral - seen by thousands just days after its launch on YouTube.

Statistics from YouTube.


Rachel Maddow and Senator Sanders tweeted it.


Senator Sanders posted it on his office’s webpage.


It was featured on MoveOn’s video channel MoveOn’s video channel.


And it’s been posted on DailyKos DailyKos.


and ArtNet ArtNet.

Comments from YouTube

  • The? 2 people who disike this Video are in the 1%
    awhocarez 4 hours ago 4
  • This is USA under Bush & Obama. Shame on them !?
    leVideyo 8 hours ago
  • Only point I disagree with: This is not a class? war … this is class GENOCIDE!
    nike2422 8 hours ago
  • Sanders/Kucinich 2012! Lets make this? happen!
    krumbumm 8 hours ago
  • We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one? day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.
  • that’s a fantastic piece of political art..what a genius idea…and amazing to look at.?
    marycigarettes 9 hours ago
  • America the Filthy Rich, this is disgusting. The middle class is all but extinct. It is not just the Senators and? Representatives in Washington, it is also at the state levels too. There has been more done to hurt the middle class and help the wealthy in states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan to name a few.
    hearmeror 12 hours ago
  • Everyone that has a Republican Senator and/or Representatives in Washington should contact them and tell them it is time to cuts all the loopholes to the top 5%. This is hurting all citizens, not just Democrats and independents but republicans as well.? Just because the republicans are divided and indecisive on the hill does not mean the citizens of or great nation needs to be.
    9491419 12 hours ago
  • This? is what President Obama�s �Big Deal� would stop.
    9491419 12 hours ago
  • all I can say is…WOW! - kelleyjostallings 12 hours ago
  • Senator Sanders is my HERO!?
    BellaLuchia 17 hours ago
  • Two people voted “dislike” for this video? Let me guess… the two Koch brothers.?
    resonantfilterblog 20 hours ago 2
  • @resonantfilterblog OR any two republicans who STILL think that the rich? will use the money to create jobs. Sad fools they are!
    suz1055 15 hours ago
  • How dare? people be wealthy. Shame on them.
    pthayer09 20 hours ago
  • @pthayer09 The point isn’t about them being wealthy. It’s about the few in who are siphoning money from other areas of society through politicians and not contributing a proportional amount to society. With loopholes heavily skewed to the richest? in the country they end up paying less as a percentage of their income than the vast majority.
  • The rich have a greater capacity to contribute than the middle class. Why is it fair to tax a teacher 25% of her income and a hedge fund manager only 5%?
    gbushimprov 16 hours ago
  • @pthayer09 Wealth is? fine…but GREED…… SHAME ON THEM!!!
    suz1055 15 hours ago
  • @pthayer09 Wealth is fine…but this is not about wealth it’s about GREED….yes….SHAME ON? THEM!!!
    suz1055 15 hours ago
  • WOW! That’s a POWERFUL MESSAGE! Americans needs to tune in to what’s going on instead of watching mindless, pointless & FRUITLESS crap like DWTS & Idol and get involved with the political reality facing this country, the globe & our collective future! Senator Bernie Sanders deserves the Medal of Freedom & a? Purple Heart for fighting with ALL HIS HEART FOR THE MIDDLE-CLASS! Other politicians play the regular game of politics. The stakes are way too serious for that! Bernie is AMERICA’S SENATOR!
    99jerseyboy 22 hours ago
  • Thank? you, Senator Sanders. You are a true American hero in speaking truth to power.
    angela7174 22 hours ago
  • Bernie? Sanders gives “Politicians” a good name.
    Wuz314159 22 hours ago
  • Play that speech every time congress? meets to and gives tax breaks to the rich. Excellent
    jein08 23 hours ago
  • Bernie Sanders speaks the truth!?
    RJ63 23 hours ago
  • Brilliant.?
    toddsmitts 23 hours ago
  • I’ve loved Bernie Sanders for years and now I have two new favorite artists. Whomever gave this a ‘thumbs down’ is? a complete moron - probably one of the Koch brothers.
    libsechumanist 1 day ago 4
  • Brilliant! I hope everyone who sees? this shares it. Tweet it, post it, share it.
    SteveMaul 1 day ago
  • Every morning I get up and? look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I�m not there, I go to work.
    chrisman101902 1 day ago
  • that? speech was powerful (and necessary).
    nicknormal 2 days ago 11
  • brilliant! and urgently needed?
    oysidotorg 2 days ago 2
  • Your beautiful video work? continues to speak the truth.
    videoportrait1 2 days ago 16
  • Excellent! ? Thanks!